Monday, September 08, 2008

Fiscal Year Report of 2007

Fiscal Year of 2007 (total expanse)

(Fiscal Year 2008 is pending)


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Dear Members and Generous,

It is a postponed pending time to keep in touch with everyone and our outstanding members. This delay is caused by time constrain, the online meeting absentia, and other unpredictable change.

However, our projects and commitment have not yet been forgotten and excluded. Below is the expenses table for the fiscal year report of 2007. I went to Cambodia between April to August. Some activities are conducted by myself while others are not.

Cambodia is in need of help from all of us. There are numerous things are desperate. We cannot leverage all those needs, but we still keep our flame alive. Though we don’t have sufficient funds to assist all of them, but our small piece of aid can make their lives changed. So, please continue your support to our beloved Cambodians just spend about $10-20US per month to become our golden member. I will post the fundraising and membership fund of our GOFO for the year of 2008 later.






Helped buy rice for poor families


June 17, 2008



Emergency Help


June 20, 2008



One well digging for the poors


September 20, 2007



Youth Educational Project to enhance Leadership Capacity Building of YEBC


January 10-20, 2008



Help support Youth Sport Activity of YEBC


August 15, 2008



GCOFO team

Cheer & Peace!

Well Digging Project for Destitute and Remote Location

Emergency Help

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