Saturday, September 16, 2006

Report of Donation: US100$

Dear Members and Dhamma Friends,

It is long time now that we have not heard about the activities of our organization. Of course, it is not silent as it is voiceless, but it is still moving forward for the sake of our Cambodian compatiots. The balance sheet of our member donation is increasing; and if you didn't do your donation, please renew your kind generosity and sharing. Myangkorean will make a ballance sheet for us; and send to everybody.

Now, I am busy with the intensive study course; but I have never forgoten of extending our help to Cambodian poor people. On Wednesday, September 30, 2006 I have sent US100$ to Mom Sonando to buy rice for poor people. During this time, our Cambodian compatriots are starving and suffering of hunger.

See below picture and email of Thanks Letter from Mom Sonando
Or see this website: or

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Minutes of Meeting - July 15, 2006

"Action speaks louder than Words"
We have had a successful meeting on Saturday 15, 2006 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM(Mountain Time Zone). The whole theme of the meeting is as follow:

- Report by President, Preah Thor, has confirmed and continued to carry out our work foward steadly step by step in which our main goals focus on: 1. Propagate Dhamma of happiness, peace, harmony, fraternity and progress through Yahoo Messanger, Paltalk and other medias, 2. Help those remote poor students, orphanages, poor conditioned people, destitute citizens or those who are under the hardship situations., 3. Enhance moral outreaching project to all Cambodian youth as they are the young seed of our generation. He also clearified the shortcoming of not be able to hold the meeting almost last few months, but he had kept sending messages through email to everybody. He has had the very busy time for a while!.

- Further brief budget report is as files attached. The ballance of sheet report has already sent to six Khmer young genous scientists.

- Our prevous sponsoring and activities are: 1. Moral Dhamma outreaching project which we have supported our initiative fund of 400CA$., 2. Sent extra prizes to six Cambodian young genous scientists of 130CA$, 3. Sent to help buying books and study materials contribute to our destitute students in the remote area through Komabaitong non-profit organization in Cambodia for 200 notebooks.
- Opinions, suggestions and recommendation:
1. Sva Pa Ne Chor: suggested to have meeting monthly so that we can bond and keep work closely together.
2. Sanith Sun: Will continue to support in both opinion and material
3. Palunghk: Congratution to the sense of main idea in enhancing human resource in Cambodia by instruct them morality and responsibility methods. He honestly admired the initiative pioneer of Ven. Preah Thor and assure to support.
4. Him Visothi: Asking about the book he has compossed which is unique of its illustration. It consists of Khmer version, Pali, English translation and Latin Pali version. The book focuses on Triple Gem Worshipping and Chanting. Preah Thor will consider to help publishing this book in order to spread it in a broader distrubution.
5. Ven.Color Raindy: In order to achieve our goal, we will not only speek out but carry out our real exposing activity. Action speaks louder than words!. He encouraged everybody to commit with our works though it is charitable or volunteering.
6. SamathLim: Concerning in using our small fund effectively. Every project and activity has to be fair and reaching our goal. We have to utilize it correctly and having transperancy.
7. Jimari01: Our main objective is to help people to be able to help themselves. We will give them the methods of how to catch fish, not to give them fish all the time.
8. Mahametta: Concering in adjustment the board of members or choose the most able person to lead our organization.
9. Char Prum: He will continue his effort to help this organization in both spiritual and material. He will help regardless of political motivation as this organization is non-affaliated charitable body.
10. Arisa Dounji: Asking the Cambodian students who are pursuing their study abroad that those are supported or provided scholarship by government or not?. In order to make sure our help will not double the funding.
11. Palunghk: Enhancing human resource in Cambodia is his primary attention and we have to do so. It is better than to raise fund for building project of Vihara, Salachan or the whole temple. He absolutely support and follow the idea of Ven.Preah Thor of firmly standing his pioneer in building human resource than to build building.
12. Arisa: Just want to convince that scholarship to those internation monk students will not be doubled other funding.

- Wrapping up and Adjourning next meeting will be alerted through message later.

Participants list alphabetically:
- Achar Prum
- Arisa
- Bhramajala
- Color Raindy
- Chattapayo
- Sweetflower
- Bombat Khmer
- Everyday Month
- Komloh Sroksre
- Jiviththmey
- Jimari01
- Koun Khmer
- Samarth Lim
- Hung Meas
- Peter Seng
- Sanith Sun
- Palunghk
- Sva Per Ne Chor
- Mahametta
- Him Visothi

Thanks and Congratulation !

Global Teamwork

Friday, July 14, 2006

Meeting Invitation

Dear Dhamma Friends and Cambodian Compatriots:

It is for a while that we have not seen each other. Everybody is busy. So in this ocassion, I would like to invite all members and Dhamma friends come to join our meeting following below schedule:

Date, Time and Place:
Saturday, July 15, 2006
At 7:30PM (Mountain Time Zone)
In Yahoo Messager Room(You are invited if you are online and visible)

- Brief report from the president of our organization
- Brief budget report by Treasurer
- Our previous activities sponsoring and ongoing projects
- Opinion, suggestion and feedback of participants
- Wrap up


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Appealing Letter

Appealing Letter

Attn: Global Cambodian Online Friends
Global Cambodian Online Friends Organization has been created for more than two years focusing on main goals such as:
1. Propagate Dhamma of happiness, peace, harmony, fraternity and progress
2. Help those orphanages, poor conditioned people, destitute citizens or those who are under the hardship situations.
3. Enhance moral outreaching to all Cambodian youth as they are the young seed of generation.
If you wish to share compassion and generosity with us in order to support
various projects and activities, please donate to our local agents of each country/state or donate directly through Paypal by Credit Card or Master Card. See the donate button in this website.


Bhikkhu Vodano Sophan S. (President)

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dear Dhamma Friends: Journey of time and life

It is far away for a while that everybody, dhamma friends and GCIFO's members, have never heard about our organization, activities and meetings...etc. Everybody is seem busy including the president too.

Now, he is in the way of his journey Canada-USA to complete some works about his Dhamma teachings and study.

However, our organization is still in the battlefield to overcome all disadvantageous barriers which have left difficulties, poor, destitute, conflicts and all evil stuff...etc in our beloved motherland(Cambodia).

We can achieve this battlefield only through our effort, contribution and commitment. We have to bond together in both material and knowledge to accomblish this social work.

Thanks for your previous kind contribution and ongoing contribution for the progress of our organization or society.

Please, enjoy your time and have a peaceful day,

Global Network Team

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Recent news updating of our organization's actvities

Now our project to the Youth Outreach Program of Cambodians in Cambodia is finished. The monk facilitator called me that it is a very successful instruction. He also conducted a Pka Prak Samakii and can raise up to three millions riels.

The raising money is just for a new computer, library books and scholarship for the students in that school.

The event was also broadcasted through CTN in the evening news about six minutes.

Now, he is airing the Dhamma through a local radio in Siem Reap. The radio onwner charges 50 dollars per month.

He will report to our organization attaching with event-photos. And he also sends CD to us. Now it is in the ongoing way.

So, this is a brief new from our Global Friend Online Organization.

Neither mother, father, nor any other relative can do one greater good than one's own well-directed mind. - Dhammapada

Yours in Dhamma

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Khmer six talent students in the world's stage

Young Cambodian medal winners at the International Junior Science Olympiad in Indonesia. From Left to Right: Huoy Channaren (bronze), Dy Kuchsa (gold), Hun Vanasola (bronze), Mom Charya (silver), Ty Sovisal (silver), and Say Buntha (bronze, not appeared here). (Photo: RFA)

By Phatry Derek PanPhnom Penh Post, Issue 15 / 10, May 19 - June 1, 2006
Don't tell wiz-kid Dy Kuchsa that Cambodia's young scholars aren't ready for international competition.

The 16-year-old Phnom Penh resident has just returned from the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in Indonesia with Cambodia's lone gold medal - its first at the prestigious annual event."

My family is poor. My country is poor. But never underestimate the ability of our people, especially the students," Dy told the Post at his parents' one-bedroom home near the Tuol Slen Genocide Museum.

The IJSO featured grueling competition between 200 of the brainiest students from 36 countries including England, Russia, Thailand and Taiwan. Two separate committees evaluated each student's knowledge in the fields of physics, biology and chemistry through three rounds of testing.

The exhausting three-day examination featured a rigorous three-hour multiple-choice test, a writing analysis and a laboratory experiment on water absorption performed before a live audience. Dy scored a total of 79.75 points out of 100 possible and received one of only 20 gold medals awarded.

Fame has followed. Since winning the prestigious prize, Dy has been interviewed by Phnom Penh radio stations, featured in newspapers and has made several appearances on TV.

According to postings on the most-visited Khmer web site, Khmer Connection, dozens of Cambodians have stepped forward to praise the efforts of Dy and the other local students who competed in IJSO. Some overseas Cambodians are talking about establishing a foundation to support gifted students in their pursuit of education in Cambodia and abroad.

"Undoubtedly, we are proud of Dy's and the others' accomplishment at IJSO," said Puthearorth Kov, 24, a graduate student at the University of Washington's College of Education in Seattle. "Though early in the stage of dialogue, some of my colleagues have started brainstorming ideas on what to do next. Ideally, we want to foster their educational needs, even if that means bringing them to study in the US or elsewhere.

"Though his family is overjoyed with Dy's achievements, and the prospect of support from overseas, Dy's father still lectures him about maintaining a strict studying regime.

"I do this to all my five kids, not just Kuchsa," said Dy San Thlang, 50. "Every day, I limit their television habits. They usually study for three to four hours after school, then read English, French and Khmer literature and do their homework. In their free time, I urge them to spend it wisely and productively.

"Dy is now cramming hard for Cambodia's annual National Science Competition for incoming high school seniors.

"I am in the tenth grade, so I have over a year and a half to prepare myself for the competition - I can't stop now," Dy said.

"If I had the opportunity to study abroad, I would select Japan out of all the countries in the world simply because the country is so technologically advanced. When I grow up, I want to be an engineer."

Source Reference

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Above donation box is set up for members and all generous

This step of advancement can offer us the CLICK GIFT to enhance Cambodian people.

May you are prosperous with such kindness and generosity,

Mother Day: the day of our life

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Minutes of Meeting: Saturday, April 22, 2006

Starting date and time: Saturday, April 22, 2006 from 8:30 - 10:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)
Participants: 45 people
Place: both Yahoo and Paltalk Chat Room
Agenda and Solution:
1. Agreeing to send amount of money to help the Moral Outreach Project in Cambodia this comming Sunday
2. Agreeing to raise fund in order to present some gift to those 6 genius Khmer students who have won the World Scientific Competion in Indonesia.
- Mahadhammika10 agreed about this project and advise to broaden our activities
- Bongsovan agreed and continue to support this project
- Steven agreed and appreciated with the project. He will distribute the Moral Outreach Project to instruct Khmer Youth to every body.
- SamarthLim appreciated with the projects and activities and he advices the easy way to transfer money by opening account and suggest individuals to donate a dollar per day by online. He also encourage to run an effective management.
- Achar Prum appreciated with project and find the way to help this activity
- Chomrothi appreciated and will pay us the monthly fee to enhance our organization progressively.


Adjourn will be informed later

Thanks for your kind assistence and corporation

Preah Thor,
Global Teamwork

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Global Cambodian Internet Friends Organization: Next Meeting

Dear Dhamma Friends,

It is silent for awhile about scheduling our meeting. Every body is joyful and busy with the auspecious celebration of Cambodian New Year.

Below is our organization's next meeting schedule and agenda:
Date: Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 7:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)
- Discussing our ongoing project
- By-law and Vision
- Miscalleneous
Adjourning next meeting

See you all,

Yours in Dhamma
Global Teamwork

Monday, March 27, 2006

Minutes of Meeting in March 26, 2006

Sunday March, 26, 2006 at 7:30 - 10:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)

Minute Meeting

1. Ongoing Project
2. By-law discussion


Amethida, Camb-one, Charmaha, Dejkun2005, Dengdara, Jam-oun-jeanich, MM, myangkorthomcambodia, Neary-srey, Preah-thor, Tajass, Metta warraman, Bongsovan, Thehelliscallingurname, Pkar-prey, steve, Jiveth_thmei2005, komlos_sroksreh, mngeth

Attention of

MM: Show the policies and Reason
Waraman: concern about activities
Preah Thor: 1.Youth Education project---> Raise fund--> Ongoing project (Max $ 400)
---> Food and drink for poor people
- Everyone can present the project
- The Growth of Thor room

2. Org helps Org and the Accountability
3. Provide Knowledge, Methods and Energy and Vice versa
Dejkun2005: The growth through the Knowledge not population; understanding and to get away from suffering

MM: suggest for letter with List of executive members and fund, in order to show to other how we are doing, and to help the poverty pregnant lady.

Camb-one: Concern about Address for send fund

+ Update of membership classify: diamond, gold, silver and bronze
- Diamond can be 30$ monthly
- Gold can be 20$ monthly
- Silver can be 10$ monthly
- Bronze for general generosity

+ Classifying of members
- There are three groups of members : Executive Members, Supporting Members and Consultant Members

+ Report of fund raising on website or not? Or Through the email.
Some financial information can be put in public website, but some is available only through email or post.

By Law discussion: On the Objective section that has 5 goals.
1. To instruct ethics and vocational skills to Cambodian youth
2. To support monk-students and monk-teachers who are persuing the task of enriching and providing education
3. To help orphanages, destitute children and villagers
4. To propagate the Buddha Dhamma(compassion, tolerance, wisdom and non-violance), preserving invaluable Cambodian culture and peace enhancement.
5. To do all such other things that are incidental and ancillary to the above purposes.

With the assistence of myangkorthomgcambodia

Global Teamwork

Saturday, March 25, 2006

News updating: our next Sunday meeting

Dear Dhamma Friends,

It is for awhile of resting and keeping on our job very well. Our organization is still moving toward consistently and targeting our great project to instruct and plant our young seed(Cambodian Youth). Through our works, whey will grow up healthy, wisely and bravely for our nation.

Below is our date and important agenda for our next meeting.
- Date: Sunday, March 26, 2006
- Time : 7:30 - 8:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)
1. Discuss our ongoing project
2. Check our by-law (see our here)
3. Miscalleneous
- Conclusion

See you all then,

Yours in Dhamma