Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cambodian Online Friends Connection

Dear Dhamma Friends,

I am really busy not to have enough time to keep in touch and update our activities about our missions to fulfill our objectives. Surely, it is really hard to keep in touch as our work mostly relying on distant community. But through our efforts, the advanced technology of modern internet can help us operating some ongoing activities such as Dhamma online talk through both yahoo messenger and paltalk chat room. This activity has satisfied as it has been expanded and lasted since 2001.

Also, some of our members can still donate the monthly member fee. Some are donating every month, but some have given full amount of the year period (2007).

I will try to take time to update our fiscal budget in 2007. As 2006 is passed away and I had already updated the expense. 2007 and 2008 would be another challenge for us to unite together how can we use our utmost effort to make a change in Cambodia.

Our main commissions are not changed. We try to help share our capacity to enhance: 1) youth leadership capacity building in Cambodia through Youth Education Buddhist Center, 2) help buy rice for poor and desperate families, 3) help buy school materials for poor children and remote schools, and 4) help improve life of street children and orphans.

Previously, we have achieved some of them according our limited charity and budget. We can not hope to help them with all needs, but at least we can make a small impact on them.

I apologize for any inconvenience and please advise me for any shortcomings as you has seen.

P.B. Ven. Sophan