Monday, March 27, 2006

Minutes of Meeting in March 26, 2006

Sunday March, 26, 2006 at 7:30 - 10:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)

Minute Meeting

1. Ongoing Project
2. By-law discussion


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Attention of

MM: Show the policies and Reason
Waraman: concern about activities
Preah Thor: 1.Youth Education project---> Raise fund--> Ongoing project (Max $ 400)
---> Food and drink for poor people
- Everyone can present the project
- The Growth of Thor room

2. Org helps Org and the Accountability
3. Provide Knowledge, Methods and Energy and Vice versa
Dejkun2005: The growth through the Knowledge not population; understanding and to get away from suffering

MM: suggest for letter with List of executive members and fund, in order to show to other how we are doing, and to help the poverty pregnant lady.

Camb-one: Concern about Address for send fund

+ Update of membership classify: diamond, gold, silver and bronze
- Diamond can be 30$ monthly
- Gold can be 20$ monthly
- Silver can be 10$ monthly
- Bronze for general generosity

+ Classifying of members
- There are three groups of members : Executive Members, Supporting Members and Consultant Members

+ Report of fund raising on website or not? Or Through the email.
Some financial information can be put in public website, but some is available only through email or post.

By Law discussion: On the Objective section that has 5 goals.
1. To instruct ethics and vocational skills to Cambodian youth
2. To support monk-students and monk-teachers who are persuing the task of enriching and providing education
3. To help orphanages, destitute children and villagers
4. To propagate the Buddha Dhamma(compassion, tolerance, wisdom and non-violance), preserving invaluable Cambodian culture and peace enhancement.
5. To do all such other things that are incidental and ancillary to the above purposes.

With the assistence of myangkorthomgcambodia

Global Teamwork

Saturday, March 25, 2006

News updating: our next Sunday meeting

Dear Dhamma Friends,

It is for awhile of resting and keeping on our job very well. Our organization is still moving toward consistently and targeting our great project to instruct and plant our young seed(Cambodian Youth). Through our works, whey will grow up healthy, wisely and bravely for our nation.

Below is our date and important agenda for our next meeting.
- Date: Sunday, March 26, 2006
- Time : 7:30 - 8:30 PM (Mountain Time Zone)
1. Discuss our ongoing project
2. Check our by-law (see our here)
3. Miscalleneous
- Conclusion

See you all then,

Yours in Dhamma