Sunday, July 16, 2006

Minutes of Meeting - July 15, 2006

"Action speaks louder than Words"
We have had a successful meeting on Saturday 15, 2006 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM(Mountain Time Zone). The whole theme of the meeting is as follow:

- Report by President, Preah Thor, has confirmed and continued to carry out our work foward steadly step by step in which our main goals focus on: 1. Propagate Dhamma of happiness, peace, harmony, fraternity and progress through Yahoo Messanger, Paltalk and other medias, 2. Help those remote poor students, orphanages, poor conditioned people, destitute citizens or those who are under the hardship situations., 3. Enhance moral outreaching project to all Cambodian youth as they are the young seed of our generation. He also clearified the shortcoming of not be able to hold the meeting almost last few months, but he had kept sending messages through email to everybody. He has had the very busy time for a while!.

- Further brief budget report is as files attached. The ballance of sheet report has already sent to six Khmer young genous scientists.

- Our prevous sponsoring and activities are: 1. Moral Dhamma outreaching project which we have supported our initiative fund of 400CA$., 2. Sent extra prizes to six Cambodian young genous scientists of 130CA$, 3. Sent to help buying books and study materials contribute to our destitute students in the remote area through Komabaitong non-profit organization in Cambodia for 200 notebooks.
- Opinions, suggestions and recommendation:
1. Sva Pa Ne Chor: suggested to have meeting monthly so that we can bond and keep work closely together.
2. Sanith Sun: Will continue to support in both opinion and material
3. Palunghk: Congratution to the sense of main idea in enhancing human resource in Cambodia by instruct them morality and responsibility methods. He honestly admired the initiative pioneer of Ven. Preah Thor and assure to support.
4. Him Visothi: Asking about the book he has compossed which is unique of its illustration. It consists of Khmer version, Pali, English translation and Latin Pali version. The book focuses on Triple Gem Worshipping and Chanting. Preah Thor will consider to help publishing this book in order to spread it in a broader distrubution.
5. Ven.Color Raindy: In order to achieve our goal, we will not only speek out but carry out our real exposing activity. Action speaks louder than words!. He encouraged everybody to commit with our works though it is charitable or volunteering.
6. SamathLim: Concerning in using our small fund effectively. Every project and activity has to be fair and reaching our goal. We have to utilize it correctly and having transperancy.
7. Jimari01: Our main objective is to help people to be able to help themselves. We will give them the methods of how to catch fish, not to give them fish all the time.
8. Mahametta: Concering in adjustment the board of members or choose the most able person to lead our organization.
9. Char Prum: He will continue his effort to help this organization in both spiritual and material. He will help regardless of political motivation as this organization is non-affaliated charitable body.
10. Arisa Dounji: Asking the Cambodian students who are pursuing their study abroad that those are supported or provided scholarship by government or not?. In order to make sure our help will not double the funding.
11. Palunghk: Enhancing human resource in Cambodia is his primary attention and we have to do so. It is better than to raise fund for building project of Vihara, Salachan or the whole temple. He absolutely support and follow the idea of Ven.Preah Thor of firmly standing his pioneer in building human resource than to build building.
12. Arisa: Just want to convince that scholarship to those internation monk students will not be doubled other funding.

- Wrapping up and Adjourning next meeting will be alerted through message later.

Participants list alphabetically:
- Achar Prum
- Arisa
- Bhramajala
- Color Raindy
- Chattapayo
- Sweetflower
- Bombat Khmer
- Everyday Month
- Komloh Sroksre
- Jiviththmey
- Jimari01
- Koun Khmer
- Samarth Lim
- Hung Meas
- Peter Seng
- Sanith Sun
- Palunghk
- Sva Per Ne Chor
- Mahametta
- Him Visothi

Thanks and Congratulation !

Global Teamwork

Friday, July 14, 2006

Meeting Invitation

Dear Dhamma Friends and Cambodian Compatriots:

It is for a while that we have not seen each other. Everybody is busy. So in this ocassion, I would like to invite all members and Dhamma friends come to join our meeting following below schedule:

Date, Time and Place:
Saturday, July 15, 2006
At 7:30PM (Mountain Time Zone)
In Yahoo Messager Room(You are invited if you are online and visible)

- Brief report from the president of our organization
- Brief budget report by Treasurer
- Our previous activities sponsoring and ongoing projects
- Opinion, suggestion and feedback of participants
- Wrap up


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Appealing Letter

Appealing Letter

Attn: Global Cambodian Online Friends
Global Cambodian Online Friends Organization has been created for more than two years focusing on main goals such as:
1. Propagate Dhamma of happiness, peace, harmony, fraternity and progress
2. Help those orphanages, poor conditioned people, destitute citizens or those who are under the hardship situations.
3. Enhance moral outreaching to all Cambodian youth as they are the young seed of generation.
If you wish to share compassion and generosity with us in order to support
various projects and activities, please donate to our local agents of each country/state or donate directly through Paypal by Credit Card or Master Card. See the donate button in this website.


Bhikkhu Vodano Sophan S. (President)

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive."